Connect and synchronize all the best-of-breed tools in your software delivery value stream

Why ConnectALL


Tool integration

Automatic, bi-directional, and real-time synchronization for access and flow of artifacts, regardless of the system being used.

Value Stream Visualization

Easily generate an interactive and customizable diagram to map the end-to-end value stream.

Workflow Orchestration

Orchestrate multiple automated workflows between disparate systems, as well as streamline and optimize frequently occurring processes and workflows to deploy applications more efficiently.

Data Analysis And Lean Metrics

Gather metrics across the end-to-end value stream, including roadblocks, missed releases, bottlenecks, and vulnerabilities to enable course correction before production, using the Database Adapter and Insights tool.

Deployment Options

Deploy with your choice of ConnectALL Cloud (hosted on our servers), or ConnectALL On-premise (hosted on your servers).

Governance, security, and compliance

Incorporate governance and security from the beginning of the software delivery process to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities earlier.
Jan 23, 2020

What problems are we looking to solve with value stream management?

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Case Studies


"ConnectAll as an Integration platform"
  • It is easy configurable, you don't need to have any specific technical knowledge.
  • It works fast - less than a minute to sync records between systems.
  • It is user friendly - even if you are not an IT, it is intuitive.

- Dmitry B
IT Solution Architect Manager

"ConnectAll bridged the gap between Intake and Implementation for our Customers!"

- Scottie B
Enterprise Atlassian Administrator

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