ConnectALL’s Insights Adapter

A Single Adapter to Capture Data from Any Source and Track Metrics in Your Software Delivery Value Stream

ConnectALL’s Insights Adapter is the only solution in the software delivery marketplace that can help gather data from any source, including tools not directly integrated through the Value Stream Management Platform. For example, ConnectALL can gather data from Salesforce, as well as delivery and ALM tools, then tie all that data together in a common data model that allows you to analyze the resulting lean metrics in ConnectALL’s Value Stream Analytics or your BI tool of choice and load the data continuously or at scheduled intervals for visualization, comparative interpretation and informed action.

Gather relevant data in a single place for measurement and reporting


ConnectALL’s Insights Adapter enables users to access the relevant data that is essential to measurement and reporting. All information flows bi-directionally between teams — providing end-to-end traceability for better reporting and resource planning.

It captures every bit of available data, creating a unified repository that would not otherwise be available without hundreds of hours of manual extraction and integration. Because the data is no longer siloed, organizations can perform much deeper, more extensive analyses across the software delivery value stream.

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Use Cases

Consider cycle times — historically, many teams tracked ticket cycle times manually. If they were using an issue management system, some of their activity would be available in digital format, but other data, such as defects and resolution rates, might remain locked in a testing tool. When those teams engaged in an effort to reduce cycle times, they might have known where their performance bottlenecks were. However, without being able to quantify the problem through data-driven metrics, benchmarks may have been too non-specific, impeding measurement of progress towards goals. If software managers could break down and evaluate the individual metrics for each stage in a typical feature’s cycle time, open to closed, they could generate the most effective roadmap for improvement and then trace the process through each step to success. Now, with ConnectALL's Insights Adapter, they can!