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Should developers care about value stream management with ConnectALL's Lance Knight

July 19, 2022

In this week's episode of the SD Times "What the Dev?" podcast, editor-in-chief David Rubinstein discusses what value stream management means to developers and whether they should care with Lance Knight, ConnectALL's President and COO.

Lance Knight, ConnectALL (Gemba Academy Podcast, Episode 418)

April 6, 2022

ConnectALL President & COO, Lance Knight joined host Ron Pereira to explain how lean and value stream management work in the software delivery field. He also sheds some light on what they're doing that traditional manufacturers could benefit from.
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Traversing the value stream with ConnectALL's Lance Knight

August 17, 2021

In this podcast, we talk about the uptake in value stream, and the number of companies that now hang their hats on the topic. Listen in as we speak with Lance Knight, president and COO at ConnectALL, and a speaker at our VSMcon events. He highlights what he says is the number one thing a value stream platform needs to do.

Why Leading Metrics Are So Important with Lance Knight, ConnectALL

January 14, 2021

Why Leading Metrics Are So Important, with Lance Knight, ConnectALL: Leading metrics is an interesting thing. And this is more than just technology. This is business in general. Thinking about what metrics are really important to your business. Now, we're ending 2020. What a crazy year.
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Lance Knight, ConnectALL (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 315)

December 22, 2020

ConnectALL COO Lance Knight joined host John Ray to discuss his company’s value management stream solutions for businesses, managing a remote team, the importance of “leading metrics,” managing to outcomes instead of time and place, and much more. “North Fulton Business Radio” is produced virtually from the North Fulton studio of Business RadioX® in Alpharetta.
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Agile and Value Stream…You Can’t Have One Without the Other

October 30, 2019

SD Times Editor-in-Chief David Rubinstein caught up with Lance Knight, SVP & GM, ConnectALL at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2019 in Las Vegas. In one of the episodes of the podcast series What the Dev(Ops), David talks about value stream management which is regarded by some as the most important tool for effective DevOps. He talks to Lance on how to get the most out of Agile with value stream management.

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