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How can you achieve DevOps excellence when your software delivery process involves different sets of non-collaborative applications? Efficient and rapid software delivery requires that different teams using different systems and applications stay in sync with up-to-date information at all times. For organizations developing toolchains to enable DevOps, it is important to have an integration solution that allows for synchronization, migration, and consolidation of applications and data. How can your teams be agile when the applications are limiting?

ConnectALL enables DevOps tool integration by being the integration platform that unifies all your DevOps systems and applications.

ConnectALL synchronizes and unifies data, workflow, and processes in the background – automatically!

ConnectALL for DevOps

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Why do I need ConnectALL?

If you develop and deliver software, it is likely you use applications that enable DevOps. ConnectALL accelerates DevOps when applied throughout the software delivery lifecycle. The key activities of DevOps (i.e., Code, Build, Test, Release, Deploy, Operate, Monitor, Plan) involve the use of multiple applications to achieve DevOps excellence. DevOps can only be successful if all activities work in unison to achieve continuous delivery (CD). Unless the applications used across activities are identified for integration, however, the data in those applications remain in silos and the goal of CD remains a pipe dream.

Irrespective of whether you adopt an agile or waterfall approach to development, ConnectALL enables CI/CD by integrating the various applications used for each activity in the DevOps cycle. The information each team needs is available to them in the applications they use; teams can continue to use the applications of their choice.

ConnectALL Integration Platform

ConnectALL Integration Platform

No matter how many applications you use in your organization, ConnectALL adds value by integrating them and making data available to disparate teams using different applications. No more emails and spreadsheets between teams. Whether you use applications across the DevOps cycle or only in part of it, ConnectALL can integrate your applications so your teams remain agile.

ConnectALL supports applications across different activities in the DevOps cycle, and we are continually adding support for additional applications. ConnectALL also supports integration from custom databases, enabling access to data for the teams that need it. You can even integrate custom applications using ConnectALL’s REST API.

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ConnectALL Insights

ConnectALL Insights

Your business teams depend on data, but your data is all over the place! How can your teams innovate when the information they need is in multiple applications in multiple places? How do you bring together data from disparate systems?

ConnectALL Insights connects to multiple systems in your organization, transforming the data into contextual and actionable information and allowing you to make rapid decisions.

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