Integrate Micro Focus ALM / Quality Center with your DevOps tools

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Integration Overview

Different teams, different tools? Unify your DevOps systems automatically with the ConnectALL Integration Platform.

The Micro Focus ALM adapter for ConnectALL lets you manage your quality testing in collaboration with development, IT service management, and other DevOps teams. Every team can work on applications of their choice and still be able to collaborate efforts. When DevOps tools like Jira, ServiceNow, IBM Rational product suite, and other Microsoft product suite applications are integrated with Micro Focus ALM, all information related to quality management flow bi-directionally between systems – providing end-to-end traceability in software development.

ConnectALL integrates the most popular DevOps applications using a “configuration, not coding” approach that dramatically simplifies application migration and integration projects — you’re up and running in a few hours, cutting integration costs by 90%

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Use Cases

Micro Focus ALM to Jira Software

Micro Focus ALM is used for defect tracking. The defect is synced to Jira project as a bug. The development team debugs in Jira and the updates are synced back to Micro Focus ALM and the defect is resolved.

Micro Focus ALM to IBM DOORS

Product requirements are tracked in IBM DOORS. The requirement is synced automatically to Micro Focus ALM, tested for defect and all updates are synced back to IBM DOORS requirement.

Micro Focus ALM to ServiceNow

Defect incident tickets are captured in ServiceNow by the support agent. A corresponding defect is created in Micro Focus ALM for testing. The defect is rectified in quality center and the incident ticket is updated automatically in ServiceNow.

Typical Application Integration

Artifacts synchronized

  • Defects
  • Requirements
  • Test Cases
  • Test Configuration
  • Test Plans

Versions supported

  • Micro Focus ALM – 11.x, 12.00, 12.01, 12.20, 12.50, 12.53, 12.6,14.0, 15.0
  • Micro Focus SaaS – 11.x, 12.00, 12.01, 12.20, 12.50, 12.53, 12.6
  • Micro Focus Quality Center – 11.x, 12.00, 12.01, 12.20, 12.50, 12.53, 12.6
  • Micro Focus Quality Center SaaS – 11.x, 12.00, 12.01, 12.20, 12.50, 12.53, 12.6

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How IGT Maximized Productivity with ConnectALL Integration Platform

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