ConnectALL to Offer Free Online Value Stream Designer to Help with the Adoption of Value Stream Management in Software Delivery

ConnectALL better equips the humans utilizing value stream management by offering a complimentary online value stream designer

ATLANTA (PRWEB) DECEMBER 09, 2021 - ConnectALL announced today that it will offer its newly developed Value Stream Designer as a free resource for business users – the human side of value stream management. ConnectALL is offering this complimentary resource to help organizations kickstart their software delivery transformation.

“Software delivery is on an evolutionary course that traces its roots back to lean manufacturing philosophy,” said Lance Knight, President & COO of ConnectALL. “By helping business leaders gain greater insight into the state of their value streams, we hope to advance the conversation around value stream management and create an unbroken continuum of value between those roots and modern-day toolchains.”

Knight recognizes that although this offering may surprise the market, it is a critical educational tool for users to begin fully embracing value stream management principles. "The adage, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it,’ is the antithesis of how business leaders and their teams should be thinking today.”

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"Whenever I hear sentiments like that, I respond, ‘How can you possibly know if something is or isn't broken if you can't see it?’ This lack of visibility can have a debilitating effect upon continuous improvement. With the Designer, software delivery organizations everywhere will be able to see their end-to-end value streams, providing the necessary insight for teams to make the right decisions."

The Value Stream Designer comes preloaded with dozens of tools, allowing users to map the specific relationships between the tools they use in their environments. It also enables them to visually represent the stages, groups, and parallel value streams on a single canvas, highlighting the interconnected relationships that exist in the workflow.

These relationships can then be color-coded to distinguish between the different types of connections. Beyond the tools, users of the Designer can also map manual processes and visualize the nature of the software workflow.

Using the Value Stream Designer to visualize the value stream confers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Helping leadership understand the end-to-end flow of work
  • Identifying and addressing inefficiencies in software delivery processes
  • Pinpointing potential opportunities to eliminate waste
  • Communicating to teams the connections between parallel value streams
  • Mapping the points of connection between humans and technology

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ConnectALL is a value stream management company dedicated to helping customers achieve higher levels of agility, traceability, predictability and velocity. ConnectALL’s services and solutions help organizations to connect people, processes and technology across the software development and delivery value stream, enabling companies to align digital initiatives to business outcomes and improve the speed at which they deliver software. ConnectALL’s value stream management solutions and services allow companies to see, measure and automate their software delivery value streams.