ConnectALL Insights Analytics

Become Predictable with Smart Analytics and Metrics

Gain visibility with real-time metrics from your software delivery value stream.

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Why Use ConnectALL Insights Analytics?

Effectively Prioritize Work in Progress
Leverage key metrics to inform your product plans and prioritize your spending accordingly
Reply Faster to Customer and Market Demand
Decrease your time-to-market, allowing you to respond faster than the competition to market needs
Reduce Time to Value
See the time each project truly takes and find opportunities to reduce it without disrupting delivery
Eliminate Waste in the Value Stream
Identify the bottlenecks, issues, and constraints hindering software delivery flow
Increase Team Productivity
Recognize the current allocation of work and adjust as necessary
Deliver on Your Key Business Outcomes
Connect flow, DevOps, and business metrics to foster collaboration and create a common language between IT and business leadership

Get a Complete Data Visualization Platform

Use the Insights Adapter to pull raw data from every tool in your value stream into our common data model. Then use Insights Analytics to consolidate that data into actionable metrics on a clear, concise dashboard, giving you the "insights" you need to make data-driven decisions.

Measure What Matters

ConnectALL's analytics dashboards and data modeling enable you to combine data from any tool in your value stream (including requirements management, development, testing, ITSM, CRM and other development and delivery tools), then use that data to establish where you are today and how you can achieve the next level on your software development journey.

With that in mind, ConnectALL recommends that all metrics be tied to a goal. There should be some rationale and need for collecting measurements, rather than just collecting for the sake of collecting.

The metrics assessment is a complimentary session where a Value Stream Management expert will walk you through the industry proven Goal-Question-Metric (GQM) approach to determine the most critical metrics for your organization.

What outcomes are you after?
(Ex: We need to improve low NPS ratings.)
What is needed to achieve those outcomes?
(Ex: Faster response time after product issues are reported.)
What information will answer that question?

(Ex: Throughput, Lead Time, WIP, Flow Distribution, Flow Efficiency, Flow Utilization)


Enterprise Analytics Personalized for Your Key Objectives



Make targeted data-driven decisions based on predictable software delivery

Program & Product

Know the time-to-market for new product features and how to prioritize future work

Software Development

Visualize work status and understand where to improve software delivery performance