ConnectALL’s Universal Adapter

A Single Adapter to Connect an Infinite Number of Tools in Your Software Delivery Value Stream
ConnectALL’s patent-pending Universal Adapter is the only solution in the software delivery marketplace that can connect any number of tools and applications used to ideate, create, release, and operate — enabling limitless connectivity, unmatched collaboration, and an undisrupted flow of information.

It connects all the tools — including legacy, modern, and homegrown — in your software delivery value stream. It integrates any application and manages collaboration between software systems and applications used by extended software teams.

You can define your own API for a custom application to collaborate data with software systems so that artifacts in the value stream flow bi-directionally — providing end-to-end traceability in the software lifecycle.

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Connects legacy, modern, or homegrown tools. Even the ones that haven’t been created yet.

Once the Universal Adapter establishes a connection between two software tools, teams can reuse the integration at will and share or exchange their integrations with others, either inside or outside of the organization. Your software teams can stop worrying about not knowing where the data is or being unable to handle unplanned infrastructure requests or missed release windows.
Want to share code to integrations created with the Universal Adapter? Here’s your chance to do that in our GitHub Repository, where users can easily share integrations they’ve created and other users can access them to speed up setting up an integration.

Enables bi-directional synchronization of artifacts

You can define your own API for any application — including PPM, ITSM, requirement and change management tools like Trello, Clarity, Pivotal, Blueprint, Bugzilla, Targetprocess etc., — to enable bi-directional flow of artifacts across multiple software systems.

Accelerates value stream management

ConnectALL’s Universal Adapter is part of the ConnectALL Value Stream Management solution, which enables project managers to automatically orchestrate workflows, enforce governance and security, gather data to capture metrics that matter, and automate feedback loops — improving flow, end-to-end visibility, and traceability across the entire value stream. So your software teams can focus on the product they’re developing, rather than spending time copying and pasting data across systems.