What DevOps Strategies Drive Digital Transformation?

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In today’s highly dynamic and competitive business environment, winners and losers are differentiated by their ability to be more agile and efficient, and the way they interact with customers and users from the value they deliver. You either evolve or die — and building a winning DevOps strategy is critical to stay ahead in the digital transformation game. Watch Lance …

How Can Tool Integration Warrant a Successful DevOps Initiative?

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With the rising stakes of continuous software delivery as a strategic business initiative, millions of dollars are being invested in DevOps initiatives within software organizations. While, in theory, DevOps should increase the speed, quality and transparency of your delivery processes through enhanced collaboration between various disciplines and work groups, real process improvement and return on investment from DevOps initiatives have …

How to avoid chaos to succeed in DevOps

How to Avoid Tool Chaos to Succeed in DevOps

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As enterprises continue to add more tools to handle specialized portions of software delivery, an alignment has begun to place more emphasis on data than tools. This alignment realizes the value of data — not just processes or applications. The result: a real need to leverage insights into the practices and better optimize them. Multiple technologies, processes, applications, and systems …