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Learning to see your value stream

In Value Stream by Andrew FuquaLeave a Comment

There is a lot of talk these days about value stream management. Much of the hype is about getting the right VSM Platform. It’s about the tooling. I try to cut through the hype in my post What Value Stream Management Isn’t. In that post I make the point that value streams exist whether you are aware of them or not. You don’t have to understand what value stream management is to have them. A thought I want to explore here is that it’s difficult to manage your value streams effectively if you can’t see them, can’t comprehend them, or aren’t aware of them.

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How VSM and OKR Complement Each Other to Drive Business Value

In Value Stream Management by Soumya MenonLeave a Comment

Organizations that are constantly trying to scale their Lean and Agile practices and strategies to increase agility have to evolve the way progress is measured. In this blog, we discuss about how lean practices like Value Stream Management OKR complement each other to help organizations, especially the ones that are in a scaled-agile environment, achieve the larger goal of business outcomes, improving agility and velocity, becoming more predictable by delivering value, and focusing on what matters.

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The Value Stream Management Triad: ITSM, QA, and Maintenance

In ConnectALL, Value Stream by Johnathan McGowan1 Comment

ConnectALL has had the privilege to serve organizations around the globe with our award-winning Value Stream Integration platform. We have helped companies solve simple problems, from synchronizing bugs from Azure DevOps to Microfocus ALM, to much more complex digital transformation efforts involving mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs of business units.

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What value stream management isn’t

In ConnectALL, Value Stream by Andrew Fuqua

Originally published on There are a few definitions of “value stream management” floating around out there. Most seem pretty good, but they are necessarily very broad and maybe vague. That’s because value stream management is a very broad concept. Given the hype around these 3 words, and how it’s often shortened to 2 words, there is a lot of confusion. Maybe it will help if we discuss what value stream management isn’t. So, let’s first look at the way Chris Condo of Forrester described it at the virtual VSM DevCon that took place in July: “A combination of people, process, and technology …