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Five Reasons You Must Start Visualizing Your Value Stream Now

In ConnectALL, Value Stream, Value Stream Management by Soumya Menon

How many times have you heard this before? Your boss telling you that the organization needs budget cuts, asking you to reduce costs, improve SLAs and quality of products, increase renewal rates and retain customers. And all you have to do is FIX IT! Sounds simple right? Only if it were that easy! You could be in a financial firm trying to find ways to reduce waste and leverage new technology practices to increase efficiency and ultimately drive the business. Or in a healthcare organization constantly faced with challenges around lead time and costs. Or you could be in an …

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Do You Believe Value Stream Management Is a Feature? Why or Why Not?

In ConnectALL, Value Stream Management by ConnectALL Marketing

Lance Knight (COO & President), Andrew Fuqua (SVP of Products), and Eric Robertson (SVP Strategic Advisor) recently had a riveting debate about value stream management (VSM). Here’s a snippet from that video centered around the question: “Do you believe value stream management is a feature? Why or why not?”  Follow along with the video clip or read the transcript, and form your own point of view on the question!   Tim: So our first question of the day and kind of the general theme of what we’re going to be talking about.   Do you believe value stream management is a …

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Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock: A Case Study on How to Be Agile and Save Time by Automating and Optimizing Your Value Streams

In Agile Transformation, Business Innovation, Business Value, ConnectALL by Soumya Menon

“Come on boss, I’ve been waiting for somebody to pick up my code, uh Uh, well don’t waste time, give me a sign, tell me how you wanna roll, uh, mm I want somebody to speed it up for me, then go with the flow, there’s enough room for both Well, I can handle that, you just gotta show me where it’s at, are you ready to go? are you ready to go?” All you developers, testers, engineers, project managers, customer service and support team members, can you imagine singing this? Familiar lyrics? Well yes, it’s Madonna, the Pop Diva, …

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What People Don’t Get About Value Stream Management

In Business Value, ConnectALL, Tech Talk, Value Stream, Value Stream Management by Andrew Fuqua

Note: Originally published on TechBeacon There’s nothing wrong with value stream management (VSM) itself, but there’s plenty wrong with how it’s being considered and discussed by bloggers, industry marketing types, and others, who often conflate it with DevOps and Agile. It’s not the same thing. When you read about value stream management, you need to be able to recognize bogus information when you see it. Here are five things obfuscating the truth about VSM—and what you should be focusing on instead. 1. Misattribution, personification, and wishful thinking The first problem relates to the many unsubstantiated claims about the benefits VSM can provide. Beware of statements that …

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ConnectALL Global FedEx Day 2021: When Value Trumped Flow

In Business Innovation, Business Value, ConnectALL by Soumya Menon

“When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight”.  FedEx Day is an unimaginably innovative event, a “shock to the system” change-of-pace for our working lives at ConnectALL. It has developed into a culture of fun and creation. On June 30, 2021 the global team got together to present this year’s first FedEx Day — making it the third over a period of two years (the last two being May 2020 and December 2020).  And this time, one aspect in particular made it super fun: it was customer-experience centric. I guess that comes with our continuing momentum to help our …

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Humans of ConnectALL: Why Eric and His Pet Parrot Plato Joined ConnectALL

In Business Innovation, Value Stream Management by Soumya Menon

The news about Eric Robertson, an Agile, DevOps and Value Stream Management leader, joining ConnectALL, as SVP Strategic Advisor, has been a sweet surprise to everyone in the family, other industry leaders, analysts and the media. However, a lot of people in the industry have been shaking in their boots too — including competitors.  Eric is known in the industry to bring innovation onto the table and his work at ConnectALL is definitely going to transform the way our customers look at value creation and business outcomes. While Eric got his hands dirty from the word go, I managed to …

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ConnectALL Assists in Freeing Freighter from Flow Fiasco

In ConnectALL, Value Stream, Value Stream Management by Lance Knight

The ship Ever Given was removed from blocking the Suez Canal — how did that happen? One value stream management company played an important role in opening up this critical global supply vein. ConnectALL’s team has worked tirelessly with both the Egyptian authorities and excavation crews on the ground to create strategies to improve the flow of the Suez Canal. While the company normally specializes in optimizing software delivery, this recent event has provided a unique opportunity to apply value stream management concepts to the delivery of physical cargo. In close collaboration with ConnectALL, salvage crews were able to see, measure, and automate the flow of this valuable freight through the canal.

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SKILup Days 2021 — Value Stream Management

In by Lance KnightLeave a Comment

SKILup Days 2021 — Value Stream Management ConnectALL is proud to be one of the sponsors for SKILup Days 2021 — Value Stream Management hosted by DevOps Institute. It’s a great platform to learn and share VSM best practices. Meet our team at our booth and don’t miss out our exclusive talk!   SKILup Days are for all members of the IT community, including students, practitioners, and decision-makers. SKILup Days are one-day virtual micro-conferences focused on specific industry practices that examine “how-to” perspectives of the people, process, and technology aspects of IT. Value Stream Management is a combination of people, …