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How to Streamline Your Application Lifecycle in Minutes: Connecting SAP Solution Manager and Jira

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Are you currently using manual steps to manage the flow of information throughout your software delivery value stream? Using a tool like SAP Solution Manager to manage your application lifecycle is helpful. However, if you choose to do so manually, then you are probably noticing either delays or breakdowns in communication between the teams involved with governance, development, and operations. Best case: you are adding layers of waste to your software delivery processes. Worst case: critical information is not being communicated properly between teams. So what can you do to automate the flow of your software throughout the entire application …

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Beef Up the Value of Value Stream Management with Integration

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DOWNLOAD VALUE STREAM INTEGRATION GUIDEIntegrating best-of-breed tools and applications in the software delivery value stream, which help companies plan, build, and deliver enterprise-level software, is imperative to improve quality and agility and for continuous improvement and innovation. Different value streams are flowing through multiple teams in an enterprise. Stakeholders such as Executives, Portfolio Managers, Product Managers, Engineering Managers, QA Managers, Release Managers, Customer Success Managers need to have necessary data in their tools of choice to be able to manage their value stream effectively. Creating seamless integration is one of the key elements of effective value stream management. According to …

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Uncovering the Secret to ConnectALL’s Success in 2020

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We’re often asked, “how did ConnectALL accomplish so much in 2020?! What’s the secret sauce you guys are cooking up over there?”
2020 was an extremely exciting and action-packed year at ConnectALL, with a tidal wave of momentum leading to mentionable and proud moments. ConnectALL is a true pure-play Value Stream Management Solution Platform, as recognized by leading industry analysts. With the world changing to adapt to the pandemic, we set foot into a world of unknowns and have come out a leader. We’ve changed the software landscape by highlighting the unlimited possibilities Lean-Agile practices like value stream management bring to the table. In short, we have set the ball rolling for a new era of making everything agile with a differential human aspect to software development and delivery.

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ConnectALL Training: Learn the Art of Value Stream Integration

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What do Rocky Balboa, Luke Skywalker, Mulan, and Batman all have in common? Each of these movie protagonists engaged in focused training with an instructor in order to unlock their full potential.

We here at ConnectALL also understand the importance of training, especially when you are evaluating or learning to use new software, or you’re learning a new discipline like value stream management. While we currently offer many different types of focused training, as well as VSM services, this post will specifically focus on two levels of hands-on, complementary (and free) training that help users understand how to get the most out of ConnectALL’s Value Stream Integration Platform: Basic & Advanced Integration Training.

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Learning to see your value

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It’s difficult to manage your value streams effectively if you can’t see them, can’t comprehend them, or aren’t aware of them. What helps — value stream mapping, making work visible, implementing the Kanban method, and a value stream manager. In an organization, different people have different views of the value streams, and potentially conflicting improvement objectives, it is important to share one vision of these streams and align on improvement goals. In this post, we will focus on getting a shared understanding of the streams.