Integration of development tools in software development using ConnectALL

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Today, if you are working in the software development team of a large enterprise, you’ve encountered the complexity of dealing with multiple ALM systems. Every team has a purpose-built system for their discipline, and finding one system to deliver all functionality is nearly impossible. Over the ages, the variety of tools have only increased, and distributed teams prefer to use their favorite tools. This causes gaps in communication and disrupts critical business processes in the software development lifecycle. The only possible way to bring all involved teams and their systems together is with a simplified integration platform that can remotely access application servers and integrate essential data without hampering performance. For those who are exploring, ConnectALL is the new generation ALM Router that can help you deal with integration complexity. It provides strong collaboration between your applications, so your users don’t have to switch systems to execute a task. You can learn more about the ConnectALL Integration Platform here.

The latest release of the ConnectALL Integration Platform comes with a new set of application adapters. This release extends support for different functions in the development lifecycle, such as requirements management, defects management, IT service management, problem and incident management, etc.  


Confluence is a well-known team collaboration software from Atlassian. Teams widely use this tool to create, organize, and discuss work across distributed teams; it functions as a knowledge hub for all your team’s work. The best part about Confluence is that, though it works well as a separate tool in software development, it becomes especially amazing when paired with Jira.  

The Confluence adapter for ConnectALL helps you integrate your work in Confluence with other ALM systems like Jira, Rally, HPE ALM, IBM DOORS, Microsoft TFS, and more. The synchronization can be customized to work bi-directionally or uni-directionally; it depends completely on your business process. You can also configure application links in ConnectALL to synchronize data on very short cycles—as short as 60 seconds to sync data between both applications! For example, every time you create a product requirement, ConnectALL automatically creates a task (this can be of any type) in Jira Software, or another ALM system. The development team can add the requirement to the backlog and plan their sprint. For Confluence users, ConnectALL synchronizes the data from Jira, so all development progress can be tracked in Confluence. 

ConnectALL Applications

Visual Studio Team Services

We all know Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS). TFS is on-premise, whereas Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) is on the cloud. Since its release, most TFS customers have become willing to switch to VSTS or migrate data from TFS. But, in most cases, moving teams to a single toolset can be incredibly complex, and not worth the risk. Whether you want to migrate data, or synchronize it between TFS and VSTS in a timely manner, ConnectALL can simplify the job.  

Visual Studio Team Services adapter for ConnectALL can help you sync data to different ALM systems, such as Jira Software, Rally, and HPE Service Manager, as well as assist your teams with project management, requirements management, and defects management with ease. Please refer to the screenshot below to better understand the entity mapping configuration in ConnectALL. 

HEAT Software

Service management teams are always under pressure, whether they’re resolving critical customer issues, or improving their alignment with the rest of the company to help teams achieve business goals. Teams can provide legendary service to customers only when they work together. For example, a help desk team can provide faster service to customers only with prompt responses from the development or testing teams. With a variety of applications dividing their work, the ability to provide prime customer service is crucial.  

Customer tickets can be resolved fast only when teams share work, and are able to communicate on a real-time basis. HEAT Software adapter for ConnectALL helps you establish that collaborative platform so that teams can connect better, and more quickly. Service desk professionals using HEAT Software can share work with the development team without switching systems, to eventually deliver increased business value to customers faster than before.  

SmartBear QAComplete

We all know that together, quality assurance and development play a key part in continuous integration (CI). In software development, the process is simple: all codes written in the build are reviewed, the bug is identified by the testing team and reported to the development team, developers resolve the bug, and the code is tested again for defects before merged into a larger set of codes for the release. The whole process demands seamless communication between development and quality assurance. While testing prefers SmartBear QAComplete, development prefers a bug tracking tool like Jira, Rally, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, etc. In order to improve communication, data quality, and operational continuity, different tools must be integrated and synchronized. Productivity takes a hit if testers have to switch applications to assign an issue to developers. It’s optimal to maintain such a synchronization manually, but with the SmartBear QAComplete adapter for ConnectALL, the process can be done reliably, and in an automated fashion.  

The quality team can create defects in SmartBear QAComplete, and ConnectALL will synchronize the essential data to Jira, or any other development tool. All development efforts are tracked bi-directionally, so teams don’t have to access multiple systems to track the status at any development lifecycle stage.  No more errors, and no more copy-and-pasting between systems. Teams can continue to use their favourite tools, and ConnectALL integrates the data – automatically! 

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