Custom Business Rules extend ConnectALL functionality

In ConnectALL by ConnectALL Marketing

“Fine tuning” the way ConnectALL integrates your company’s development, quality control, and management apps can give your organization a competitive edge by boosting productivity, and delivering results that exactly match your integration needs. ConnectALL is designed to transparently integrate most popular development, quality control, and management applications.

ConnectALL creates a database that receives both the code and data generated by your applications. Using intelligent rules, it translates field names and data into formats compatible with those used by other applications. For example, a user of ClearCase can create a bug report ticket; this ticket can be managed through Jira, and the issue resolved or monitored using another compatible application. ConnectALL manages the transfer of data between each application, making the interchange transparent to each application in turn.

ConnectALL’s functionality can be greatly extended through the use of “business rules.” These are rules created with a simple programming language, defining how specific fields, or field values, can be translated from one tool to another. For example, the data stored in one tool’s database might not be shared with that of another tool (financial records, social security data, etc.). A custom business rule that can preserve the field name, but remove any data – or replace it with an asterisk or other character – can be easily written and applied to the new data set.

Within an application, data maintained by a human resources database can be “cleaned up.” This way, development work, or updates, can be used by developers who are improving the application code, but should have no access to the actual data. Through effective creation and application of custom business rules used by ConnectALL, a system with the appropriate protections and translations between, or within, applications can be developed.

Although the ConnectALL user can create many custom business rules, Go2Group’s team of experts are here to assist with the fine tuning of ConnectALL rules, and the creation of new rules.

Please contact Go2Group for more information about ConnectALL, custom business rules, and expert support.