ConnectALL and HPE ALM Octane, together, improves DevOps efficiency.

In ConnectALL by ConnectALL Marketing

Everyone knows DevOps is a culture that focuses on cross-functional collaboration in software development. In reality, most companies, no matter the industry, are not benefitting from DevOps practice. That’s because siloed systems and broken lines of communication still exist in the process, and teams are constantly struggling to collaborate on efforts while practicing agile methodologies for planning and development.

In support of the bimodal nature of many of today’s customers, HPE has expanded the ALM experience by introducing HPE ALM Octane, a tool tuned for high velocity, lean, and agile teams. HPE ALM Octane is a part of HPE ALM and supports integration with both HPE Agile Manager and the traditional HPE ALM.NET platform – this allows teams to share assets and keep up with the rapid development cycle created by agile teams.

Every team has a favorite tool when practicing DevOps – tools that are purpose-built for different tasks. This means that teams don’t stick only to HPE products, but also use a diverse set of tools that include the Atlassian product suite, IBM Rational, Microsoft product suite, ITSM tools, and many more. In this case, integration between tools is critical. Although HPE ALM Octane is functionally rich, talking to different tools in the SDLC is a necessity.

ConnectALL ALM Router, in its latest release (2.5), includes a new adapter for HPE ALM Octane. It helps HPE ALM users to collaborate on efforts with other DevOps teams and accelerate the agile delivery of high-quality applications. Every team gets to use the tools of its choice, and ConnectALL provides high-fidelity synchronization between tools automatically, making it easy for enterprises to practice DevOps efficiently.

If you would like to see the new adapter in action, request a demo here.