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How Automating with VSM Unifies Disparate Teams

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How Automating with VSM Unifies Disparate Teams We as an industry cannot afford to ignore the dangers of siloed software delivery. The cost of a siloed workforce is staggering, resulting in project delays, declining software quality, and a disconnect from the original project intent. And with the widespread shift to remote work, these silos have become more entrenched than ever. How can we begin to address the problem? Join ConnectALL’s Lance Knight (President and COO) and Norman Miglietta (SVP of Marketing) as they sit down with David Rubinstein in the latest SD Times Microwebinar to discuss how automation with value …

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What People Don’t Get About Value Stream Management

In Business Value, ConnectALL, Tech Talk, Value Stream, Value Stream Management by Andrew Fuqua

Note: Originally published on TechBeacon There’s nothing wrong with value stream management (VSM) itself, but there’s plenty wrong with how it’s being considered and discussed by bloggers, industry marketing types, and others, who often conflate it with DevOps and Agile. It’s not the same thing. When you read about value stream management, you need to be able to recognize bogus information when you see it. Here are five things obfuscating the truth about VSM—and what you should be focusing on instead. 1. Misattribution, personification, and wishful thinking The first problem relates to the many unsubstantiated claims about the benefits VSM can provide. Beware of statements that …

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3 Easy Steps for Using VSM in Everyday Life

In Value Stream by Lance Knight

Value stream management principles have helped organizations across the globe leverage lean strategies to optimize their software development processes. However, the benefits from effectively managing value streams are not limited to only software. Value streams exist all around us whether we realize it or not. The goal of this blog post is to help explain how value stream management works in the context of software delivery by applying VSM concepts to an activity we experience every day.