QMetry Test Management and Product Enhancements come to ConnectALL 2.8

In ConnectALL by ConnectALL Marketing

We’ve just announced a new version of the ConnectALL Integration Platform that integrates QMetry Test Management into your DevOps and agile infrastructures. This version also brings additional enhancements for current ConnectALL users. If you use QMetry Test Management, or plan to bring it into your infrastructure, then this is great news.

The new ConnectALL adapter for QMetry Test Management allows you to transparently connect QMetry Test Management with your other tools. If you’re using CA Agile Central, for example, you can develop a test using QMetry Test Management, run it in CA Agile Central, and the results are automatically passed back to QMetry Test Management. Modifications or new tests can be developed, run in CA Agile Central, and the results passed back to QMetry Test Management. The process can be continued rapidly, assuring that modifications are made quickly and transparently. The process can be monitored by Jira or other management tools throughout.

We’ve also enhanced some core features of the ConnectALL Integration Platform. These include:

  • Installer improvements
  • More granular statistics in the dashboard: In earlier versions of the ConnectALL Integration Platform, statistics in the dashboard were shown for a broad range of users. In our new release, statistics can be restricted to the group/user levels. This means that a user from a particular group can only view the statistics of application links that relate to that user.
  • Other enhancements: The ability to include a Salesforce ZAP Security report, enhancements to Bitbucket, the ability to sort adapters, and more!

We’ve created a web page for the ConnectALL adapter for QMetry Test Management. To learn more about the ConnectALL Integration Platform, contact us.