Another Test Management Tool to be Integrated into ConnectALL

In ConnectALL by ConnectALL Marketing

Here at Go2Group, we know your teams don’t use just one tool – that’s why we’ve been working hard to integrate more and more applications. Agile and DevOps teams use tools that meet their needs; developers use the applications that work best for them. QA/testing use their tools of choice, as do resource management, operations, management, and others. 

Each of these tools works well for the jobs they do, but they aren’t designed to work with each other. Take, for example, a team of developers who create code and send it to QA for testing. In a perfect world, the code can be automatically delivered to QA and results from the testing would be sent back to development. Any issues would be addressed, and updates sent back to QA for another round of testing. Managers would be able to monitor this process, and easily update the status of all aspects of the project. Those involved in the project, from resource management to security, to the customer, would be able to quickly and easily interact with each other.

Sadly, the world isn’t perfect. Development tools don’t talk to QA tools, resource management tools don’t talk to development tools, and it goes on from there.

The ultimate solution is bulletproof integration. ConnectALL integrates tools across DevOps and agile development systems. With ConnectALL, developers and QA teams are able to share their data without having to change their tools. All areas of a project can share and update data with the other tools in use.

There’s news: Go2Group is about to add support for one of the leading test management tool in its upcoming release, version 2.8 of ConnectALL. Although we’re keeping the name of this newest addition officially under wraps for just a few more days, we can say that integration of this additional test management platform gives added flexibility to our users. Moreover, for customers who’ve been waiting for us to add support for this test management platform – your wait is over. 

If you can’t wait for the official release, we might be convinced to give you a preview.

For more information about ConnectALL 2.8, please contact us.