ConnectALL Integrates Microsoft TFS and Project Server

In ConnectALL by ConnectALL Marketing

Microsoft no longer supports integration between Microsoft Project Server and Team Foundation Server 17 (TFS2017). For example, a project manager may want to have actual time logs from the TFS engineers automatically rolled into a Microsoft Project Plan – but TFS2017 and later versions no longer support this. Fortunately, ConnectALL does.

The ConnectALL Integration Platform automatically integrates TFS and Project Server. Using ConnectALL, data can easily be shared between TFS2017 and Project Server. Developed by Go2Group, an official Microsoft Visual Studio Partner and an official Microsoft Project Server Integration Partner, ConnectALL also integrates a wide number of other tools.

Even better: Unlike other tools listed by Microsoft as alternatives, ConnectALL’s architecture, technology, and simple licensing structure make it easy to buy, easy to install, and easy to use. ConnectALL meets strict enterprise governance requirements. If you use TFS2017, Project Server, or Project Online, you can easily integrate a wide range of tools used by other organizations or departments. Using ConnectALL, all your teams — in development, management, planning, testing, operations, and others in a typical DevOps or agile structure — can collaborate across multiple development platforms, in multiple locations.

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(To learn more about the issue, see Microsoft’s website: Synchronize TFS with Project Server, third-party support ( web page discusses the issue and suggests the use of a third party solution that supports this integration.)