Atlassian Summit 2017

San Jose Convention Center 150 West San Carlos Street, San Jose, CA, United States

Summit is an Atlassian user conference & biggest global event of the year. On September 12-14, 2017 in San Jose, California, teams from around the world will come together to be inspired and transform the way they work.  Be part of an experience that allows you to learn together, be inspired, team up and most importantly have fun.

Southern Fried Agile 2019

Charlotte Convention Center 501 S College, St Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

A conference for Analysts, Developers, Executives, Scrum Masters, Coaches and Teams to learn and collaborate about all things Agile.

Lean+Agile Atlanta Unconference

VENUE: FORSYTH CONVENTION CENTER, ATLANTA GA The Lean + Agile Atlanta Unconference is an open forum that allows ideas to flourish and evolve for enthusiasts and practitioners of Lean and Agile. It is a loosely structured gathering where topics and themes are democratically generated by the attendees. Participate in this event to augment your knowledge of Lean and Agile. Interact and exchange insights with your peers and gain a wholesome learning on Agile and Lean by the end of the day! Meet Andrew Fuqua, ConnectALL’s VP of Products at the event. Register to get the promo code for your FREE ...

DevOps Experience 2021 – The Danger Zone: Avoid Being Too SAFe by Embracing Value Streams

ConnectALL is proud to be a sponsor and a part of one of the largest DevOps conferences in the world. DevOps Experience 2021, organized by MediaOps, is on October 27-28 with a theme called The Roaring Twenties. As we look forward to all of the great things digital transformation enables, we also have to be ready to tackle tough problems like global warming, Cybersecurity threats, future pandemics, diversity and more.

ADDO All Day DevOps 2021

The All Day DevOps team is back with the 6th Annual conference on October 28, 2021 for 24 hours, streamed live, online to the global DevOps/DevSecOps community.. There will be six simultaneous tracks, with each track containing a continuous series of 30-minute presentations, for a total of over 90+ hours of presentations. Attendance is free, available through streaming online services. The All Day DevOps Conference is organized by advocates in the DevOps/DevSecOps community, who are working together to deliver a diversity of sessions and speakers from all over the world to show practical usage and technical solutions of DevOps in ...