DevOps West attendees may have missed this…

In DevOps by Johnathan McGowan

Those who attended the DevOps West conference earlier this month are either already involved in using DevOps, or they came to learn more about it. My presentation, called Achieving Digital Transformation Success: Rapidly Integrating Complex Applications and Multiple Teams, was for both groups.

If you missed it, good news: it’s available online (link below). Here’s a recap: How did DevOps came about? I started by giving the background, basic philosophy, and basic features of effective DevOps. I talked about one of the biggest issues in DevOps – tools that don’t work well together – and a discussion Go2Group’s Application Integration product, ConnectALL. ConnectALL makes DevOps transparent – because in order to do DevOps right, each functional group must communicate clearly and effectively with the other groups. Developers must have open connections to testing and quality assurance. Developers must be able to directly connect with management, resource management, operations, and even with the customer at the other end of the DevOps process. Each group must be able to connect back to the developers and to all the others involved in the DevOps process. When all this is working well, everything in DevOps is done openly. As obvious as this is, DevOps practitioners immediately discover that the tools used by many of the teams haven’t been designed to connect with other tools. A developer using IBM Rational ClearCase isn’t able to transparently interact with a quality assurance manager using HPE ALM; managers using Jira may not be able to communicate transparently with the others; etc. Although each of these tools may be the right ones for each user function, they weren’t originally developed for collaboration with other tools. A common “solution” is cut-and-paste. It works, more or less, but it’s painful, slow, introduces errors, and adds to e-mail traffic, adding time, complexity, and friction – and it doesn’t exactly lead to satisfying work for employees. ConnectALL solves the transparency issue. It is an application integrator that automatically integrates the data between applications. This makes each tool transparently, immediately accessible across the organization. A manager using Jira can monitor communications and progress throughout the DevOps chain. For example, a developer can share updates and incident reports with QA. After testing, QA can share the results back to the developers. All across the DevOps chain, each user – management, resource management, development, QA/testing, operations, production, security, and even the customer, can clearly monitor each update. Learn more! My presentation is available online (link below).

If you’d like to learn more about ConnectALL, please contact us.

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