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Value Trumps Flow: The Danger of Speed

In by Lance Knight

Is your technology team focused on improving flow? Is the central goal of your IT department to deliver a certain number of deploys per year/month/week/day? Then you might be moving rapidly in the wrong direction. While becoming more agile is a great goal to have, if improving software delivery speed is your primary focus, then perhaps you are missing a critical piece of the puzzle. “So wait a minute!” you might be wondering. “If not flow, then what should be our main focus?”

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SKILup Days 2021 — Value Stream Management

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SKILup Days 2021 — Value Stream Management ConnectALL is proud to be one of the sponsors for SKILup Days 2021 — Value Stream Management hosted by DevOps Institute. It’s a great platform to learn and share VSM best practices. Meet our team at our booth and don’t miss out our exclusive talk!   SKILup Days are for all members of the IT community, including students, practitioners, and decision-makers. SKILup Days are one-day virtual micro-conferences focused on specific industry practices that examine “how-to” perspectives of the people, process, and technology aspects of IT. Value Stream Management is a combination of people, …