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Transform Your Workflow: Top Automation Patterns for Project and Portfolio Management

In by Jenna Potts

Do you struggle to identify bottlenecks in your workflows or find ways to optimize your organization’s value stream? Are you constantly trying new solutions to streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and boost your bottom line? In this webinar, we’ll explore the top value stream automation patterns that can help navigate common challenges faced by PPM managers and how they can use automation patterns to simplify processes, eliminate waste, and improve efficiency.

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How to Tackle the Context Switch Conundrum in Software Delivery

In Agile, ConnectALL, Value Stream Automation, Value Stream Management by Lance Knight

85 years ago, the world seemed a much simpler place. If we were to ask our old friend Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, the top three things to worry about were lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my! Today things are more complicated. When we are trying to stay focused and get our work done, there’s no peace. Notifications are dinging, apps are pinging, and our phone’s ringtones are singing. The things we worry about today include Zoom, Slack, and LinkedIn. Oh my! I think anyone who works at a computer recognizes that this is a common experience. But how …

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Value Stream Management Then and Now

In by Jenna PottsLeave a Comment

Value Stream Management Then and Now Value Stream Management Then and Now: How VSM Has Transformed Across Two Decades From Manufacturing to Software Development What better way is there to understand something than to consider its transformation through time and experience? This time, we are talking about Value Stream Management. In this webinar, SD Times is hosting a talk with ConnectALL’s newly appointed SVP of Operations and Customer Success Charles ‘Scot’ Garrison, and President & COO of ConnectALL Lance Knight.  In this epic webinar, we will look at VSM through Scot’s eyes. We will take the theory out of VSM …

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Every Truth You Need to Know About Value Stream Management

In ConnectALL, Value Stream Management by Soumya Menon

Every year, the software industry is pumped with 10-15 buzzwords. From Big Data, Distributed Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence to Machine Learning, DevOps and Everything as a Service, we have witnessed some of these buzzwords turning into full blown products and services. However, there are some actual practices that are not buzzwords and have been around for decades. One such is Value Stream Management. For several years, ConnectALL’s thought leaders have been talking about how Value Stream Management (VSM), a lean practice, is not new. In fact, every business is applying this at some level or the other while delivering software …

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Uncovering the Secret to ConnectALL’s Success in 2020

In ConnectALL, Value Stream, Value Stream Management by Soumya Menon

We’re often asked, “how did ConnectALL accomplish so much in 2020?! What’s the secret sauce you guys are cooking up over there?”
2020 was an extremely exciting and action-packed year at ConnectALL, with a tidal wave of momentum leading to mentionable and proud moments. ConnectALL is a true pure-play Value Stream Management Solution Platform, as recognized by leading industry analysts. With the world changing to adapt to the pandemic, we set foot into a world of unknowns and have come out a leader. We’ve changed the software landscape by highlighting the unlimited possibilities Lean-Agile practices like value stream management bring to the table. In short, we have set the ball rolling for a new era of making everything agile with a differential human aspect to software development and delivery.