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Air France-KLM is a world leader in its three main businesses – passenger transportation, cargo transportation and aeronautics maintenance.

The leading group in terms of intercontinental traffic on departure from Europe, Air France-KLM operates up to 2,200 daily flights enabling its customers to travel to 316 destinations in 115 countries.

The Group’s fast-developing low-cost leisure activity is operated by Transavia in France and the Netherlands with destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean.

In 2014, the Group carried a total of 87.4 million passengers and 1.3 million tons of cargo on board its 546 aircraft. Air France-KLM operate with its partners Delta and Alitalia the largest trans-Atlantic joint-venture with over 250 daily flights. Moreover, Air France-KLM is member of the SkyTeam alliance which groups together 20 airlines, offering access to a global network of more than 16,320 daily flights to 1,052 destinations in 177 countries.

Flying Blue is the leading frequent flyer programme in Europe with more than 25 million members.

The world is changing, as are customer expectations. The Group continues to invest to offer its customers new products and services which are increasingly adapted to their needs and ways of travelling.

Air France


Air France has more than 100,000 employees worldwide

Air France has a fleet of 236 planes.

Air France has been using Micro Focus ALM for 15 years

Air France has been using Jira Software for more than five years


The business team has been using Micro Focus ALM (Quality Center) to define test plans, test cases, test steps, and defect tracking. Micro Focus ALM (Quality Center) is a legacy system. In order to create defect reports, defects must be manually selected, cut, and pasted into the system.

Jira is used by the product, IT, and development teams. Jira is used to manage requirements, user stories, and bugs.

Five years ago, the product, IT, and development teams moved to a continuous integration process in order to improve the quality of code and manage test plans, as well as to more efficiently test steps. Communicating between the business team and the other teams was extremely difficult, because Micro Focus ALM (Quality Center) and Jira were unable to transparently exchange data between the two tools.

“The product team/IT/development team needed access to both systems (Micro Focus ALM (Quality Center) and Jira) in order to complete a task,” said Philippe Bordas, Method & Test Manager at Air France-KLM. Furthermore, Philippe Bordas commented that “there was not enough quality management in the single Jira application. In order to bring test metrics, Jira must be integrated with Micro Focus ALM (Quality Center) for better visibility.”

Now the development team and the test team can work closely and with more efficacy. The implementation enables Air France - KLM to synchronize Jira bugs with Micro Focus ALM (Quality Center) defects. We plan to synchronize other information between those two products.

Philippe BordasMethod & Test Manager



ConnectALL Integration Platform

Micro Focus ALM

ConnectALL Adapter for Micro Focus ALM (Quality Center)

Jira Software

ConnectALL Adapter for Jira Software

ConnectALL Support

ConnectALL Support


Working with ConnectALL engineers, Air France-KLM adopted the ConnectALL Integration Platform as the central hub for communications between environments.ConnectALL configured an Micro Focus ALM (Quality Center) adapter that connected directly to the ConnectALL Integration Platform.

Additionally, a ConnectALL adapter for Atlassian Jira was installed. This enabled transparent communication between the business teams using Micro Focus ALM (Quality Center) with the development teams using Atlassian Jira to manage defect and other reporting.

An ongoing service contract assures that the connection, via ConnectALL and the adapters, remains functional and stable.


Air France-KLM business and development teams are able to communicate directly with each other, with ConnectALL acting as a universal hub. The business team no longer has to cut-and-paste defect reports in order to transfer these reports to developers; developers can instead transparently respond to tickets through ConnectALL.

“Now the development team and the test team can work closely and with more efficacy,” Philippe Bordas reports. The implementation enables Air France-KLM to “synchronize Jira bugs with Micro Focus ALM (Quality Center) defects. We plan to synchronize other information between those two products.”

For Air France-KLM, the choice to use ConnectALL was easy. “We looked at other (offerings), but they were more expensive and not as convenient (to use). We were convinced from the start that ConnectALL was great, and this is confirmed every day,” Philippe Bordas concluded.

The development test teams work together more effectively

Micro Focus ALM (Quality Center) defect reports are shared with other teams

Project managers can monitor all teams, including those using Micro Focus ALM (Quality Center)

Savings in cost: the number of hours required to prepare defect reports in Micro Focus ALM (Quality Center) were reduced

Why ConnectALL?

Stellar review on the Atlassian marketplace

Ability to migrate core aspects of the business to Jira Software

Responsiveness of technical support team

Willingness of ConnectALL development team to implement bug fixes and feature requests in a timely manner

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