Optimize agile project management with ConnectALL 2.6.1 version release

In ConnectALL by ConnectALL Marketing

If you’re into agile methodology or DevOps practice, you’re surely aware by now of the powerful VersionOne application. It is one of the most widely used, all-in-one enterprise solutions for software organizations scaling agile and DevOps. This being said, there are other tools like Atlassian Jira that are also very popular. In fact, Jira Software is the number one software tool used by agile teams. Jira Software is a great offer, and today’s teams are ready to experiment with different tools and pick the right one for their respective businesses.

In the software development process, regardless of the agile tools being used, software teams need access to shared artifacts and resources across distributed systems. Teams want to break the data silo to enable free flow of data between systems and processes. This not only provides increased visibility in software delivery, but also helps optimize agile project planning.

Working in a distributed ecosystem, however, is always challenging. The proliferation of best-of-breed tools have caused many organizations to move away from integration technology stacks to manage software delivery. This has underscored the need for visibility across the enterprise. In response to this trend, ConnectALL provides an integration platform that allows all applications used in the process to act as one. With ConnectALL in place, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using VersionOne, Jira Software, or a different agile tool. There is no administration time and no hassle to constantly download, import, and configure data manually between different systems – ConnectALL does it automatically!

For agile development teams using Jira and VersionOne, and for those who need to integrate their issue management with agile project management, ConnectALL transforms Jira issues into workitems (defects or stories) in VersionOne. Using this integration, an organization can manage and triage issues reported by customers and promote them to VersionOne for prioritization, estimation, planning, and implementation. When the work is completed in VersionOne, the integration updates Jira to reflect the resolved status.

Once the integration is installed and configured, Jira users can specify which issues require engineering attention, and those issues will automatically appear as workitems in VersionOne. Additionally, when the workitems are closed in VersionOne, the integration updates the Jira issue to reflect this change. Jira issues that require engineering attention are identified using Jira filters.

You can learn more about the VersionOne adapter for ConnectALL here.