Online video will show how to connect Ranorex or JAMA to ALM and DevOps tools

In ConnectALL by ConnectALL Marketing

Go2Group, publishers of the application integration platform ConnectALL, will be presenting an online video demonstrating new features in version 2.7. In addition to performance and other improvements, this significant update of ConnectALL includes:

  • Ranorex connectivity to application development and management tools. For example, a test manager who uses Ranorex will be able to develop test cases and directly transfer these plans into supported ALM and DevOps tools, including HPE ALM, IBM Doors, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, and many others. The test can be run within Ranorex, and the results automatically trigger an event to create a defect in a Bug Tracking System supported by ConnectALL.
  • Jama connectivity to a wider range of application development and management tools than currently possible. The ability to transparently connect to more ALM and DevOps tools supported by ConnectALL 2.7 will help to make requirements management decisions much simpler. The requirements manager who uses Jama will be able to transparently share development data with the native applications. Similarly, users of other ALM and DevOps tools will be able to interact with the requirements manager, making it easier to connect across applications. When requirements are approved, ConnectALL can replicate the data into any ALM or DevOps tool (for example, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, or ServiceNow).
  • Automatic defect reporting. This capability will enable a greater degree of rapid product development as many defects will be automatically reported, reducing the need to check your tools for reported defects.

The video will work through a complex use case that includes many elements.This case begins with the development in Jama of a set of requirements. These requirements are transferred, through ConnectALL 2.7, to HPE ALM. From inside HPE ALM, quality analysts understand the requirements, and, using Ranorex, develop test cases. ConnectALL 2.7 makes it possible for the test results to move to Jama, HPE ALM, and Ranorex. During the demonstration, we’ll show how ConnectALL 2.7 provides visibility between all tools that link through it.

The video will be posted online on March 30, the official release date for ConnectALL 2.7.

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For information about ConnectALL 2.7, contact us.