DevOps tools can transparently connect with MS Project Online

In ConnectALL by ConnectALL Marketing

The acceptance of DevOps as a discipline enabling involvement between developers, managers, customers, and others along the entire product spectrum, has made communications between the individuals and teams involved in projects essential. However, teams performing different functions (development, quality control, resource management, marketing, and other tasks) use the tools best suited for their particular functions. The problem is these tools haven’t been designed to transparently share data with other tools.

Project management is a crucial component in the overall planning and management of the application delivery cycle. Project managers oversee DevOps and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tasks. The issues that come with keeping track of multiple teams, using multiple native and incompatible products, can pose a major challenge to all involved.

Microsoft Project Online is a powerful project management application that works with the Office 365 suite. Project Online provides communications capabilities (mail generation, SharePoint integration, and many other capabilities) that other applications may not perform as smoothly. However, Project Online lacks many of the integration tools necessary to transparently integrate the DevOps tools organizations typically use.

Go2Group’s ConnectALL 2.7 now features an adapter for Microsoft Project Online. This new adapter enables automatic, transparent, bi-directional connections to most DevOps, ALM, and management tools. This is important because now, with the addition of ConnectALL 2.7, project managers and others who use MS Project Online will be able to easily integrate the various teams – development, quality control, resource management, etc. – into their project plans. With instant updates from each team, the project manager can have the real-time status of each component.

The ConnectALL 2.7 release also includes adapters for Ranorex, a test automation tool, and Jama, a requirements management tool. Both tools will transparently interact with Microsoft Project Online, and can be important components of a complete DevOps cycle.

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