Maximize Productivity with a Secure Integration Platform

In ConnectALL by Sharath Bhaskara

Integration solutions are essential to most enterprises because different teams use different tools. A good integration solution is crucial to the rapid, high-quality development that modern companies demand. Security is an essential element in the integration process where thousands of applications are communicating with each other. Every day new threats and vulnerabilities are created, and you’ll find yourself racing against the clock to patch them.

What if your integration tool injects security vulnerabilities? What if your integration tool creates minor changes that make your applications less secure? What if your integration tool has security vulnerabilities of its own?

Secure integration platform

The ConnectALL® Integration Platform is a single, secure integration solution for DevOps, Business Applications, or Analytics processes. As an enterprise with multiple teams, you may use multiple tools and applications that don’t interact with each other. ConnectALL unifies your tools by enabling a bi-directional flow of data, easy synchronization, and improved collaboration. It also allows for speedy development and testing, reduces errors, and lets you rapidly release high-quality products.

With large volumes of data being accessed, shared, and exchanged under one platform, there is clearly a need for high-level security. The OWASP ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy) certified platform has been checked for vulnerabilities and security threats. It was developed with security as a guiding principle, and with every upgrade you’ll get a more secure platform.

security scan.png

360-degree security 

Security is an integral part of an application’s development, from inception through upgrades. ConnectALL is safe across different levels.

  • Infrastructure level: Access any volume of data in the cloud behind a secure firewall. The platform’s multi-tenancy capability creates multiple groups and enables multiple people to use the same instance. You’ll have complete control over the data accessed and shared across applications; data is not copied or saved anywhere outside the framework.
  • Code level: Security tools such as ZAP and Sonar Qube are used to check for vulnerabilities at every stage of the design and development of the platform, from coding to testing.
  • Data level: Application passwords are encrypted with a best-in-class encryption algorithm to protect them from attacks.

Whether used in a network with a web server protected by a firewall, or in one that is unprotected, ConnectALL provides a high level of security. ConnectALL will not add security risks to your applications.

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