Why You Need an Integration Strategy

In ConnectALL by Soumya Menon

How do you tame the complex systems and conflicting needs of digital transformation? Gartner argues that an integration strategy is key. Here’s how an integration strategy can streamline your operations:

A Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP), as Gartner calls it, has become imperative to business growth. HIP is popularly known as a framework where you can design your modern integration infrastructure with a combination of existing integration platforms and new integration suites. Organizations need to adopt a rapid, self-service integration approach that can boost their digital transformation.

The implementation of an HIP model has several dimensions and an individual product is incapable of covering all of them. The ConnectALL® Integration Platform is a platform that can cover multiple aspects of your target HIP. ConnectALL is an easy-to-use integration system built to help teams become self-sufficient. It requires no coding; specialists, ad-hoc, and citizen integrators do not have to depend on a central technology team. They can access integration features and functions themselves.

If you are new to the concept of a Hybrid Integration Platform and want to know how the ConnectALL Integration Platform will benefit your business, get a hold of this free white paper on how to implement a “Rapid, Self-Service Integration Approach for your Digital Transformation Initiatives.”