How to Achieve Value Mapping in Your SDLC with Tool Integration? A Case Study

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A reputed insurance, reinsurance, and investment operations company was facing major issues with value mapping between two applications in their SDLC. They were looking to integrate Jira Software (defects and issue tracking) and Micro Focus ALM (test management) for requirements traceability and defects mapping. Finding an easy-to-use, easy to install and run, and end-to-end solution that improves efficiency, cuts costs, increases agility and velocity was their top priority. After reviewing a few integration platforms in the market, the customer decided to pick ConnectALL Integration Platform. In no time, they had thousands of developers using the product effortlessly. ConnectALL not only helped the teams with value mapping, it also helped the customer meet their larger business goals.

ConnectALL is the most user-friendly platform, you set it and forget it — mapping was simple, pricing was competitive, and was installed and up and running in an hour. And the teams loved it. We had bi-directional flow of information between Jira and Micro Focus ALM.

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Lack of mapping between Jira and ALM

In 2015, the customer’s development team had just rolled out Jira Software for defects and issue tracking and the developers took to Jira to manage bugs and releases within the application. The team was still using Micro Focus ALM for the testing environment to manage requirements and test cases. The challenge they faced was to get requirements traceability and defect mapping between ALM and Jira. Efficiency had taken a back seat as the developers were involved in a lot of manual capture of data, sending emails and tracking issues and defects on spreadsheets.

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Quick, effortless, and seamless bi-directional flow of information

The customer evaluated a few products in the market and they were looking for three specific factors — a solution that was quick to install and deploy, easy-to-use, and had bi-directional flow of information. After some research and a series of demos, the customer chose ConnectALL as it was user-friendly, you could easily set it and forget it, configuration and mapping was simple, pricing was competitive and it was installed and up and running in an hour.

The ConnectALL team supported them while the installation and deployment took place and the developers were at ease. There was bi-directional syncing between defect status in Jira and ALM and it was seamless.

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Increased efficiency and time-to-value

In a very short period of time, the customer’s development teams noticed a substantial change in their efficiency and traceability in the software delivery process. This helped in their internal audits and SOX compliance in large projects. This also helped them with their value mapping goals and time-to-market and improved their time-to-value.

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Customer intends to integrate applications in the DevOps pipeline

Want to know what their future plans are and what other integrations have they adopted? Watch the complete case study to find out more

An Insurance Company Uses ConnectALL for Value Stream Integration

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ConnectALL is dedicated to helping companies achieve higher levels of agility and velocity. The company’s enterprise-level application integration platform — ConnectALL Integration Platform — helps with achieving effective Value Stream Management by connecting the applications used to collaborate, drive decisions, and manage artifacts used during the software delivery process, like ALM, Agile, and DevOps. With the ConnectALL Integration Platform, IT companies can accelerate software development and enhance collaboration.