Introducing 2.11: Control Flow Like Never Before

With companies adopting value stream management as a means to improve flow across their software delivery value stream, visibility needs to be simplified rather than complicated. Introducing the five-part series on ConnectALL’s 2.11 version with advanced value stream automation capabilities and enhanced user experience. Over five weeks, from March 23-April 20, every Thursday at 1 PM EST, we will take 10 minutes of your time to deep dive into five significant value stream automation capabilities and what value it adds. These capabilities empower teams with functionality and project visibility never before available in the value stream management space.  In this ...

Visualize and Manage Flow Across Your Software Delivery Value Stream with Purpose-specific Automations 

ConnectALL’s value stream automation sits on top of the value stream and allows users to set different automation types — synchronizing, monitoring, triggering, and collecting data. The updated version enables users to create automations based on specific purposes or intent in line with automation patterns that help achieve specific goals and outcomes. You can also visualize the flow in the value stream based on these specific purposes.  In this 10-minute microwebinar, we will touch upon:

How to Use Logic to Control Flow, Create Governance and Maintain Compliance in Your Software Delivery Value Stream

Just like how logic gates are used for digital circuits to trigger outputs only when certain logic sequences are applied, you can now automatically ‘turn on’ or ‘not turn on’ outputs in a software delivery pipeline based on logical conditions. ConnectALL’s value stream automation now has the Logic Flow Adapters, that uses boolean logic (AND and OR logic) to enable users to implement business workflow logic into their value streams that depends on multiple inputs from different applications. These can be used when you want to control the flow of information through your value stream.  In this 10-minute webinar, we ...

Using Value Stream Automation Patterns and Analytics to Accelerate DevOps

  According to the State of DevOps Report, “nearly 80% of organizations remain in the middle of their DevOps journey, experiencing varying degrees of success at the team level but not across the entire organization.” There could be organizational-level reasons for companies to still be stuck—including cultural challenges. However, from a functional level, the absence of visibility into the non-value-added work from a value stream perspective is still a problem. Reducing or eliminating waste is one of the most important tenets of Lean software engineering. Waste can be found everywhere, from too many people working on a project and ineffective ...

Improve IT teams’ Efficiency by Creating New Tool Connections and Automations Quicker Using the Universal Adapter

You probably already know about the only solution in the market that can connect innumerable number of tools and applications used in the software development and delivery lifecycle — enabling limitless connectivity, unmatched collaboration, and undisrupted flow of information. ConnectALL’s patent pending Universal Adapter is now even more powerful with users being able to create new Universal Adapters for new tool connections faster with a click of a button. This enables the use of automation patterns that are goal and outcome oriented. How does this work? In this 10-minute webinar, we will show you:

Automate and Orchestrate Scripting Workflows Using ConnectALL’s Automated Script Management

IT teams often face challenges in scripting such as wrong or duplicate file transfers, finding and validating errors in the script, and documenting event logs. ConnectALL’s automated script management capability enables IT teams to automate workflows within a scripting environment (e.g. file transfers, data manipulation), detect workflow errors and incompletions, and auto documentations. Management of custom scripts enables users to own and manage all custom scripts from a single hub — allowing to write, manage, and execute the script without touching anything in the backend.  In this 10-minute webinar, we will show you:

SD Times Live! Micro-Webinar Series – Pattern Thinking & Value Stream Automation Patterns: An Intro to Pattern Thinking

Join us April 18 at 1PM ET, for our first episode in a series of micro-webinars covering "Pattern Thinking & Value Stream Automation Patterns." It’s crucial for organizations to be agile and efficient. To achieve this, optimizing flow in the software delivery value stream is key. And the answer is pattern thinking and automation patterns. Tune in to find out the importance of automating using pattern recognition; automation patterns that’ll accelerate DevOps and Agile; and a lot more.

Manage Flow by Creating Automations For Teams and Groups

We recognize that most large software delivery organizations implementing SAFe have multiple value streams managed by multiple teams and groups. With ConnectALL, you can create and associate your automations to specific teams that are under specific groups to achieve specific outcomes and value. In this 10-minute microwebinar, we will touch upon: -How you can create and manage group value streams and teams and what value does this add especially in a SAFe ecosystem-How to associate applications and automations will give a deeper understanding of teams and groups and how it helps to manage the flow of work better-How to use ...

VSMcon 2023

Join us on 6/7 for VSMcon 2023! Lance Knight, President & CEO, ConnectALL will be discussing Value Stream Noise, What It Is and How You Can Lower The Volume. Noise within the value stream is anything that may hinder teams from focusing on development and delivery. Excessive communication, relentless feedback, context switching and changing requirements are all things that prevent teams from being productive and can be detrimental to your organization. Fortunately, using Pattern Thinking can help you uncover the wasteful activities that you may not even be aware of and help get your organization back on track!