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How to Use Logic to Control Flow, Create Governance and Maintain Compliance in Your Software Delivery Value Stream

March 30, 2023 @ 13:00:00 13:15:00 EDT

Just like how logic gates are used for digital circuits to trigger outputs only when certain logic sequences are applied, you can now automatically ‘turn on’ or ‘not turn on’ outputs in a software delivery pipeline based on logical conditions.

ConnectALL’s value stream automation now has the Logic Flow Adapters, that uses boolean logic (AND and OR logic) to enable users to implement business workflow logic into their value streams that depends on multiple inputs from different applications. These can be used when you want to control the flow of information through your value stream. 

In this 10-minute webinar, we will discuss:

  • What are Logic Flow Adapters
  • How the Logic Flow Adapters create automations without scripting, by simply combining the data input points from multiple sources, evaluating and performing the output
  • How this creates governance and helps in maintaining compliance
  • A few uses cases of the Logic Flow Adapters
  • How to implement automation patterns, using Logic Flow Adapters, which help in achieving specific goals and outcomes


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