Value Stream Metrics in Software Delivery

What is a value stream in software delivery and why are metrics important?
A value stream in software delivery encompasses a set of processes, people, and tools that work together to deliver a product or service that adds value to your customers.

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Typically, value streams are complex because of the multitude of processes, people and technology that are involved. Therefore, it’s impossible to fully understand how healthy the value stream is with the help of a mere value stream map.
Then, how can you gauge how fast you’re delivering value to the customers? How will you know what slows your delivery? This is why it becomes critical to track lean metrics throughout your value streams.

What are the lean metrics you should track?

Although the “lean” concept was born of the manufacturing industry, it has been widely adopted by the software industry over the years.
Lean metrics are the measures that can provide actionable insights into the health of your value stream, helping you identify bottlenecks, issues, and constraints that impact business outcomes and slow down the delivery of value.