ConnectALL Insights

ConnectALL Insights unifies data from multiple systems and makes it instantly available to everyone — automatically!

Introducing ConnectALL Insights

Your business teams depend on data but your data is all over the place! How can your teams innovate when the information they need is in multiple applications in multiple places?

Introducing ConnectALL Insights.

The world’s most innovative businesses are rapidly adopting a fact-driven, analytics culture. Smarter analytics enhance business processes, improve quality and velocity, deliver improved customer satisfaction, and reduce development time and resources.

ConnectALL Insights takes the burden and confusion out of mixed applications and data sources by unifying data automatically ! Your teams and analysts continue to use their preferred tools and applications — but now the data is all there — invisibly imported and translated by ConnectALL Insights.


ConnectALL Insights enables informed decision making by unlocking the value hidden in your business data.

Who's it for?

ConnectALL Insights for Business and Functional teams

Business Management Teams

Get a bird’s eye view on how your teams are performing, spot trends and take proactive actions

PMO Teams

Improve estimation, increase resource optimization, better feature prioritization.

Application Development Teams

Increase efficiency.

IT Operations Teams

Feedback loop for continuous improvement.

Testing Teams

Improve efficiency to help eliminate testing roadblocks.

ConnectALL Insights for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Tool Vendors

Unlock the insights hidden in the data within your application.

Analytics / BI Vendors

Combine the power of your analytics tools with the data from ConnectALL Insights.

ConnectALL Insights connects to multiple systems in your organization and transforms the data into contextual and actionable information.

Learn How It Works

All Your Data. Unified.

ConnectALL insights brings together data from disparate systems – including big data sources from across an organization – to provide a complete view and access to deeper insights.
Near Real Time

Near Real-Time

Access critical information from multiple systems, worldwide, in near real time.


Enables consolidation of metrics for the analytics or BI tools of your choice.


From simple reports to complex dashboards, ConnectALL Insights connects your teams and makes their results visible.


ConnectALL insights is built to enterprise standards. It meets the highest governance and compliance requirements.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Simple, easy to use user interface to manage data configuration — each user can customize what data is important to report on.

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