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Recession or No Recession? Or Are We Already in One? How to Better Prepare for Both

In Business Innovation, Business Value, ConnectALL, Value Stream Management by Soumya Menon

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times…or in our case, what kind of times are we in? I just had two completely different phone calls this morning. One was with a highly qualified prospect and the other was with a client up for renewal. Both companies are in the U.S., operate in the same vertical and size of $500M – $1B, and have the same pain points of siloed teams, disparate tools, and unknown bottlenecks. But when it came to their approach about how to handle the economic uncertainties we are all in, they had …

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DevOps Experience 2022

In by Jenna PottsLeave a Comment

  As a DevOps leader, what is it that you need right now to collaborate better with your business leaders to drive the business forward? Data! Relevant, reliable, and real-time data from your DevOps pipeline that can be easily understood and acted on. Data for metrics in analytics to drive critical business decisions for improvement.  With DevOps everywhere, data is everywhere! How do you get the most out of all the data residing in the myriad tools in your DevOps pipelines?  Using value stream management principles, you can strategically aggregate, display, and analyze data from multiple disparate tools supporting your …

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Recession and Value Stream Management — Is There a Connection?

In Agile Transformation, ConnectALL, Value Stream Management by Andrew Fuqua

At the 2022 agile conference in Nashville on July 18-22, someone asserted that Value Stream Management (VSM) is more important now that we’re in a recession because companies need to redouble their efforts on efficiency. Then the discussion turned to whether or not we are in a recession. I guess that’s what’s on the mind of many, for good reason. But I argued against the whole premise of the statement, both that it’s important because of the recession, and that the goal is efficiency. My position was, and is, that the recession is irrelevant when it comes to value stream …