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Predict 2021

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The Predict Virtual Summit is an annual conference hosted by MediaOps (the company behind, Container Journal and Security Boulevard). Every year, they bring together leading minds from across the globe to share their best guesses on the future of technology as it relates to digital transformation, DevOps, cloud-native and cybersecurity.

Elves Lance Knight and Andrew Fuqua Fix Santa’s Broken Value Stream

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Ever wondered how Santa delivers all those toys overnight to all the children in the world? An elf told us that St Nicholas has a very lean-agile operation going on up at the North Pole, but is that true?

Every factory needs a value stream map and what better one to look at this holiday season than Santa’s workshop. ConnectALL’s Andrew Fuqua and Lance Knight are going to take a trip to the North Pole and sneak into Santa’s workshop to look at the value stream and fix it before Santa arrives. We’ll help Santa accelerate his digital transformation using value stream optimization so that he can deliver all the toys (and coal!) on time.