Mature Your Software Development Process with Value Stream Management

A VSM solution like ConnectALL’s can capture indicators of speed and quality across your current software development pipeline, enabling you to visualize and analyze your current value streams.

Just as with factory production lines, software development processes can suffer from bottlenecks, inefficiencies, poor quality, and wasted time and effort.

To address these concerns, Value Stream Management (VSM) provides visibility into critical indicators of speed and quality for any software development pipeline, empowering the software team to remove waste and overhead by automating the flow of information across the software value stream.

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In this white paper, Intellyx has detailed why VSM is important for organizations that are looking to mature their software development practices. As they move from waterfall to Agile to DevOps and CI/CD, VSM provides the visibility and control necessary to maintain a focus on business value even as the business and software environments become increasingly dynamic.

Download this white paper to learn why a VSM solution like ConnectALL is ideal to mature a software development process:

  • Provides visibility into current value streams and helps you identify their bottlenecks
  • Gives you the insight you need to make changes to all aspects of your software development approach
  • Can help identify current flow of work across the software organization, allowing you to determine if people are wasting time or working on the wrong tasks.
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