Integrate feedback loops in your DevOps process

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Feedback is an integral part of a system. No feedback means no system. Feedback is often associated with any reaction, but in reality, it means the perception of the result of our actions affecting subsequent actions — a two-way communication. What we as ‘humans’ do with the feedback we receive forms the feedback loop, although typically we may be used to only looking at it as a one-way influence.

Feedback loops are the process in which a change or output from one part of the value stream triggers a resulting action in another part of the value stream. For example, when a defect is logged during testing, it triggers a resulting change to the code in development.

Feedback loops increase productivity, help identify areas for improvement — which turn into actionable work items — and enable teams to track and solve problems related to product delivery. This in turn helps teams collaborate and coordinate better, and be more able to meet deliverable commitments.

The lack of strong feedback loops and faster, automated processes lead to:

  • Later detection of errors
  • Increased risk of a deployment, causing downtime
  • Delayed roll-back in case of issues

Watch the solution in action

Are these challenges preventing you from integrating
feedback loops in your DevOps process?

Lack of an integrated DevOps toolchain
Irrelevant feedback clogging the system
Feedback loops aren’t automated
Lack of communication across disparate teams blocks feedback loops

Why is Value Stream Management
essential for your business?


Integrate all your tools to enable feedback loops across the entire DevOps toolchain


Visualize the end-to-end value stream to identify relevant, actionable feedback

Capture and automate feedback at any point in your value stream, from any tool or team
Amplify feedback loops by ensuring that feedback is communicated across the entire value stream in each team’s tools of choice

How can ConnectALL’s VSM solution help optimize your business?

ConnectALL helps companies increase agility, predictability and velocity in their software delivery pipeline by connecting people, processes and technologies.