Track workflow requests and identify upcoming change orders by integrating BMC Remedy using ConnectALL

Remove project-delaying bottlenecks and ensure speedy resolution for customer service requests

Why integrate BMC Remedy
with other DevOps tools?

As a Project Manager, are you constantly struggling to streamline processes to ensure a functionable and efficient Service Desk? By integrating BMC Remedy with other DevOps tools, you can:
  • Streamline your workflow management system
  • Access real-time data pertaining to projects
  • Increase collaboration among teams to facilitate better decision-making
  • Estimate timelines and track cost of assets / projects
  • Effective customer support and issue / defect management

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Application integration using


Integrate BMC Remedy with Jira

Bi-directional synchronization

Coordinate seamlessly on delivery timelines

Conditional field mapping

Automate the flow of converting incidents/requests

Integrate BMC Remedy with ServiceNow

Categorize and transfer customer tickets

Enhance transparency and traceability

Increase visibility into customer issues and priorities

Ensure end-to-end traceability

Connect BMC Remedy
with any tool
of your choice with
ConnectALL Universal Adapter

Optimize your value stream

Delivering software is the combined effort of multiple teams using an even greater number of tools and applications. How do you synchronize all efforts, as well as reduce issues that might arise due to lack of coordination?

ConnectALL’s Value Stream Management solutions allow collaboration between Quality, ITSM, and other DevOps teams. Teams can continue to work in their application of choice and collaborate seamlessly through ConnectALL.

Why ConnectALL


One application to connect
all your tools


real-time synchronization

Highly customizable field mapping
Sophisticated conflict management

Integrate your tools, processes, and people to increase the efficiency of your value stream and enable faster delivery cycles.