Go2Group JaM Plugin – Mercury Kit (HP ALM)

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Announcing the latest version of the most popular Jira plugin for HP Quality Center integration.  The JaM Plugin is more efficient and stable than ever!

With more than 10 years of application life cycle management expertise and constantly tracking customer insights, the Go2Group development team bundles the new release 9.0.22 with features that can enhance your product development and testing.

Key Features:

QC Filter: Issue replication is bi-directional now! With new QC filter enhancements, users can set multiple parameters for the issue replication between HP QC and Jira.

JAM Configuration

Multiple projects and field mapping:  The new release not only allows you to synchronize issues from HP ALM (QC) to Jira, it also supports custom mapping of fields. Users can now map single QC issue to multiple Jira projects to streamline the process.

REST API service:  Legacy architecture is for HP QC 10 and lower. As Atlassian Platinum Experts, we recommend you to use REST services if you are using HP QC 11 and above.


SOAP Architecture

Starting from JaM 9.0 release, we support both REST and SOAP services. Unlike legacy SOAP services, REST API’s directly interact with Jira and HP ALM, cutting down the middle ware setup for better integration stability.


REST Architecture

Over 500 active customers use JaM today!

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