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Speed Without Limits: How VSM and Tool Integrations Help Regulated Industry Leaders Speed Up Software Delivery

September 22, 2022 @ 11:00:00 12:00:00 EDT

Have you ever found yourself thinking something like this? “These new methods of software delivery won’t work in my industry. We’re just too regulated to do things that way.”

As software delivery methods like Agile and DevOps continue to rise in popularity, and lean practices like Value Stream Management are implemented to accelerate it, you may find yourself feeling left behind due to the nature of your industry.

These new approaches may work for flashier industries like tech or retail, but what about those of us who are in more tightly regulated fields? There are strict regulations in spaces like banking, healthcare and government that make agile software delivery seem more like a pipedream than a realistic possibility.

So how can IT organizations in regulated industries start taking the steps necessary to speed up software delivery?

It starts with managing your value stream, whatever method you are using today. And we believe that regulated industries can take the first step towards effective value stream management by integrating the tools in their software delivery process.

Join TechStrong’s Cody Brown as he hosts a conversation with ConnectALL executives Lance Knight and Andrew Fuqua on how connecting their tools through integration leads to more efficient software delivery. They will share examples of how ConnectALL customers in regulated industries have used tool integration to start managing their value streams, and give strategies for how you can begin to do the same.