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How to Facilitate Development Team Collaboration in Minutes by Connecting Jira and Azure DevOps

September 29, 2022 @ 13:00:00 13:30:00 EDT

Almost everyone has experienced delays between the different stages of your software delivery. Everyone just takes these delays to be part of the process, But it’s the length and cause of the delays that are the real issues. What causes these delays?

The software delivery process is done in various step by teams using tools, mostly designed for their specific needs.

Any transition requires a handoff, which at best creates wasted time in the process and at worst can cause major issues if something isn’t communicated properly. As any fan of (American) football know, wherever there’s a handoff, there’s a chance for a fumble.

So how can IT organizations better enable their teams to make the handoffs as smooth as possible? Is there a way their people can better communicate information during the critical handoffs to reduce friction?

In this tech micro-webinar, we will show you how connecting Jira and Azure DevOps will facilitate communication between two different teams. Join us to learn how to create this connection in a matter of minutes, and why this will then save your team many hours (and headaches!) in the future.


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