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Six Critical Features of a VSM Solution

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Benefits of DevOps
integration and automation

Integrating and automating your DevOps pipeline from end to end will help you significantly accelerate your entire software delivery process. Some of the core benefits are:
  • Improved cross-functional collaboration
  • Increased release velocity
  • Greater predictability
  • End-to-end visibility into your entire DevOps pipeline
  • Fewer defects, resulting in improved quality
  • Better governance and compliance

How does ConnectALL help you achieve
DevOps integration/automation?

ConnectALL’s Value Stream Management Solution comprises two key elements:
The Value Stream Integration Platform and Value Stream Insights.

These two pieces work hand-in-hand to:

Integrate all the tools in your DevOps pipeline
Synchronize all the critical product information
Automate and orchestrate multiple workflows in your DevOps pipeline
Incorporate governance and compliance throughout your SDLC
Track the end-to-end software development and delivery activities
Foresee vulnerabilities to eliminate them early on and improve software quality

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