ConnectALL now enables BMC Remedy users to connect to Jira, IBM RTC, HPE ALM/QC, ServiceNow, Rally, and other tools

In ConnectALL by Vijayakumar Selavaraju

Have you ever wondered how quickly your service desk team could resolve customer issues if they were to work seamlessly with development? Issue resolution could be lightning fast!

Every team has its favorite tool, and service desk professionals love BMC Remedy because it helps provide legendary service to customers. This is only possible, however, when service desk professionals and developers work in collaboration. For every incident or issue created in BMC Remedy, there must be seamless communication with the development team in order to achieve a resolution. System silos exist because development teams have the option to work on a variety of systems, including Jira, Rally, IBM RTC, HP ALM/QC, etc. Without integrated systems, each team is forced to use emails and spreadsheets, and may even have to cut-and-paste their data in order to collaborate on customer issues. This not only causes errors, but also reduces performance and visibility in the process.

ConnectALL ALM Router, with its new version 2.2.2, comes with the BMC Remedy adapter. It helps you to break system silos, and allows teams to collaborate in real-time. BMC Remedy users no longer have to switch applications to share details. Every team gets to work on the systems of their choice, and ConnectALL strengthens the collaboration automatically. No errors, no lack of visibility, and faster response to customer problems.

ConnectALL 2.2.2 is available for immediate purchase from Go2Group’s online shop. Additionally, Go2Group’s support team can provide installation, configuration, and ongoing support for ConnectALL 2.2.2 and earlier versions of the ConnectALL ALM Router. 

You can learn more about the new BMC Remedy adapter here.

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