ConnectALL ALM Router 2.1 supports more ALM and CRM products, adds management functions

In ConnectALL by ConnectALL Marketing

The following updates are included in version 2.1 of the ConnectALL ALM Router:

Increased Atlassian Jira support – the ConnectALL Jira Adapter now supports all variants of Jira 7:  Jira CoreJira Software, and Jira Service Desk

IBM Rational DOORS NG support – ConnectALL 2.1’s new IBM Rational DOORS NG Adapter meets the need of modern day requirements management.

CRM adapter support – ConnectALL 2.1 now supports both the Salesforce CRM Adapter and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter.

Jira add-on for configuration management – a new Jira add-on designed for ConnectALL allows for the rendering of Atlassian Jira “changelists”and “checkins” associated with Microsoft Team Foundation Server “work items,” IBM Rational ClearCase “activities,” and Perforce “jobs.”

Improved conflict management – the new version of ConnectALL gives administrators the ability to specify conflict management at the field level, allowing for more granular control. Previous versions of ConnectALL only allowed for conflict management at the higher application level.

Simplified license management – ConnectALL now requires a single license file to be installed rather than individual licenses for each individual application. This makes license maintenance simpler easier.

Improved ConnectALL support – With the release of ConnectALL 2.1, there’s an improved knowledge base that contains all ConnectALL documentation, including structured guides and how-to and troubleshooting articles. With the latest release, ConnectALL has a dedicated support desk, allowing for faster problem resolution times. Since the support desk is linked to the knowledge base, customers will be able to directly review existing help articles before opening trouble tickets.