ConnectALL featured in SD Times Value Stream Management
A Guide for Buyers 2021 Edition

ConnectALL’s Value Stream Management Platform helps enterprises to see, measure, and automate their end-to-end software delivery value streams. ConnectALL is leading the VSM market in tool integration and interoperability.
ConnectALL is proud to have been featured in the Jan 2021 edition of SD Times Buyer’s Guide on Value Stream Management. The issue focuses and features insights on why value stream management is important in a software delivery lifecycle and how 2021 is going to be a significant year for companies using VSM to drive business value.
Page 24: Featuring ConnectALL’s Value Stream Management Platform, its capabilities and its goal to help organizations see, measure, and automate their end-to-end software value streams.
Page 25-28: Buyer’s Guide Feature article that focuses on where VSM can help organizations in 2021, what to expect, the need for actionable insight into what is going on throughout the entire organization and how that is translating into business value, the difference between Value Stream Management Platforms and Value Stream Delivery Platforms.
Page 31: What do you need to be successful at value stream management, and how can you help? “I think the next phase is actually finding a way to educate people and give them the knowledge not to buy a value stream management solution, but to know how to hold a value stream optimization workshop or how to implement value stream management principles in organization, and nobody’s sat down to define those.” — Lance Knight, COO, ConnectALL
Page 32: A Guide to Value Stream Management Solutions for you to get the most value out of value stream management