Boost your service management with the latest release of ConnectALL ALM Router with support for HPE Service Manager

In ConnectALL by Vijayakumar Selavaraju

Every organization operating in the ITSM industry is different. Whether it’s the product they develop or the processes they adopt, every organization wants to be customer-centric. In order to accomplish this, organizations require a special service desk solution.

One of the popular tools adopted by enterprises today is HPE Service Manager. Formerly known as the PNMS (Peregrine Network Management System), HPE Service Manager is an enterprise application used as a service desk solution for handling change and incident management. As a prime highlight, its effective ITSM features offer a single point of contact for all core IT processes, including sharing of knowledge, problems, and incidents. That’s not everything an organization needs, however. The ultimate goal is always to provide the best experience for the end user – “The Consumer.” The real challenge most service-based organizations face is how to be responsive to customer issues and problem management.

We at Go2Group, as Gold Business Partners and ALM experts for over a decade, believe the simplest and most effective approach to issue management is to have your best teams working together. Irrespective of the processes, systems, or locations they work in, stronger collaboration between service desk and development teams works best for a healthy service management setup.

But how do you manage all the complexity in making distributed teams work together? Don’t you think the low-fidelity approach to sync-up on incident management can bring down team performance overall? Don’t you think it’s complicated to switch all teams to a single toolset when every team has a favorite one? It is! But we still believe it’s possible.

The new version of ConnectALL ALM Router can be the next step towards fostering collaboration between your development and service desk teams. The adapter provides seamless data sync to avoid the need to switch between different applications. Every incident created in HPE Service Manager can instantly create a corresponding issue in your ticketing system (example: Jira) for the development to begin instantaneously. It can sync-up all artifacts, comments, and workflows between different applications without disrupting any of your business-critical processes. Your teams can focus on delivering customer-centric services effortlessly while working with the systems of their choice.

The latest version of ConnectALL ALM Router includes the HPE Service Manager application adapter available now. If you’d like to see the adapter in action, request a demo.