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We understand that every value stream is different. That’s why we offer a complimentary value stream assessment, designed to identify the tools, people, and processes in your value stream that transform work items into working software.

We'll help you get the best value out of your value stream management efforts, enabling you to see, measure and automate your value stream to deliver software faster.

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How can you assess the health of
your software delivery value stream?

Once a value stream map is created, assessing the health of the value stream is imperative and then you need to begin to work with your software development and delivery workflow from end-to-end.

Value streams are generally complex because of the multitude of processes, people, and tools that are involved. It's therefore impossible to fully understand how healthy the value stream is with the help of a mere value stream map.

Then, how can you gauge how fast you’re delivering value to the customers? How will you know what slows your delivery?
This is why it becomes critical to track lean metrics throughout your value streams.
Lean metrics are the measures that can provide actionable insights into the health of your value stream, helping you identify bottlenecks, issues, and constraints that impact business outcomes and slow down the delivery of value. Some of the most important metrics that’ll give you a good grasp of the health of your value streams are:

How can ConnectALL help you improve the flow of value
across your delivery value stream?

ConnectALL’s Value Stream Management Solution helps you optimize your software delivery value stream, improve product quality, accelerate delivery, and increase revenue.

ConnectALL’s VSM solution comprises two key elements that work together:

Value Stream Integration Platform - Integrates all the tools in your software delivery value stream to monitor, automate and orchestrate the flow of work.
Value Stream Insights - Captures, visualizes, and helps you analyze the various IT performance metrics in your software delivery value stream.

Why adopt a pragmatic VSM solution like
ConnectALL for your business?

Capture, visualize, analyze, and optimize critical indicators of speed and quality in your software delivery pipeline
Remove waste by automating the flow of critical information across the value stream
Quickly identify issues, bottlenecks, and roadblocks
Make well-informed decisions with the help of the insights derived
Gain end-to-end visibility, traceability, and governance over processes
Improve cross-functional collaboration between teams