Enhance Your Value Stream by Connecting Your People, Processes and Teams.

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Why do I need to manage my Value Stream?

Amplifying the feedback loops will streamline delivery, increase velocity, and agility. Managing and enhancing your value stream will allow you to:

  • Enable and Support Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Increase quality and velocity by executing build and test scripts from within your tools
  • See real-time feedback loops from your automation tool
  • Reduce dependencies between Development and Operations
  • React faster to vulnerabilities

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End-to-end Integration of Tools and Applications

Slash manual effort

Improve time-to-value

Prove immediate feedback

Enhance collaboration

Let people work in the tools where they offer the most value

Reduce human error

ConnectALL Integration Platform

ConnectALL enhances your Value Stream by bridging the gap between your people, processes and teams. ConnectALL helps you achieve agility and improve velocity by integrating the tools in your software delivery lifecycle.


Minimal Impact

No need to disrupt existing systems with plugins


Point-and-Click Configuration


Integrates cloud, on-prem applications; cloud and on-prem deployment

Application Ecosystem

Supports 35+ applications out-of-the-box

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