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The Bitter Truth About the State of Value Stream Management

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As we get closer to the beginning of the new year, we feel obliged to give you all a “state of value stream management” report. The value stream management space has been heating up faster than it is being defined. Amid the confusion, there has been a noticeable shift in what we believe to be the wrong direction. In pursuit of this hotness, over 20 small, mid-sized, and large companies now claim to provide VSM solutions, but are all of them helping with digital transformation goals, DevOps initiatives, or Agile transformation? Or have they simply jumped on the bandwagon and …

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Value Stream Management, One Year Later

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As the practice of value stream management matures, new ways to look at it have emerged, including the kinds of platforms being used and even where in an organization the practice can be implemented. Join our panel of experts, who in a power talk last year outlined what problems value stream management can solve, to examine the explosive growth of the practice and where value stream software is going in 2021.