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DevOps Experience 2022

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  As a DevOps leader, what is it that you need right now to collaborate better with your business leaders to drive the business forward? Data! Relevant, reliable, and real-time data from your DevOps pipeline that can be easily understood and acted on. Data for metrics in analytics to drive critical business decisions for improvement.  With DevOps everywhere, data is everywhere! How do you get the most out of all the data residing in the myriad tools in your DevOps pipelines?  Using value stream management principles, you can strategically aggregate, display, and analyze data from multiple disparate tools supporting your …

Elves Lance Knight and Andrew Fuqua Fix Santa’s Broken Value Stream

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Ever wondered how Santa delivers all those toys overnight to all the children in the world? An elf told us that St Nicholas has a very lean-agile operation going on up at the North Pole, but is that true?

Every factory needs a value stream map and what better one to look at this holiday season than Santa’s workshop. ConnectALL’s Andrew Fuqua and Lance Knight are going to take a trip to the North Pole and sneak into Santa’s workshop to look at the value stream and fix it before Santa arrives. We’ll help Santa accelerate his digital transformation using value stream optimization so that he can deliver all the toys (and coal!) on time.

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How to monitor business goals with value stream management

In OKR, Value Stream Management by Lance Knight

Even as organizations and their teams work to stay abreast of meaningful improvement practices, many are still missing a big piece of the puzzle—tying software initiatives to business outcomes. Software system optimization from a technical perspective is a worthwhile accomplishment overall, but benchmarking its value can be elusive. This is problematic, since these efforts must further business objectives for corporate executives (and bean counters) to quantify the bottom-line value. How can management substantiate the assertion that software improvement promotes desired business outcomes? By incorporating objectives and key results (OKRs).